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Light Gray Woodgrained Textured Peel and Stick Wallpaper Tiles

Light Gray Woodgrained Textured Peel and Stick Wallpaper Tiles


ELLE WALLS Peel and Stick Wallpaper tiles. Textured, Wood grained vinyl 48 x 6 inch planks. Available in removable or a more permanent version.

This listing is for the Light Gray color.
There are 9 different textured wood grained planks in each color for an authentic look. Easy to apply. Fun to do.
Measure your wall by taking the height and width and multiplying them together, this will give you the square footage. If you measure in inches simply divide by 12 to get your square feet. (You can also see many videos on how to calculate square footage.) Then enter your square feet into the quantity area. Always order a little bit extra for any mistakes you may make.

Apply them vertically or horizontally, stacked or staggered. You get to be part of the design, even mix colors from one of the other color listings we have.

Everything you need to know to get started on your project.

• Are Elle Walls wallpaper tiles easy to apply? YES! Super easy and fun to apply on almost any SMOOTH surface. Simply peel the wallpaper tile from its backing line up and stick it on. You can even walk away and come back later and there is no mess.
• Are Elle Walls wallpaper tiles easy to remove? We offer two different options. Removable wall tiles and more permanent wall tiles. All wall paints are different and react differently to the adhesive of our wallpaper tiles. Textured paints, matte vs. glossy paints, low voc’s, all affect the adhesion. The permanent tiles are also removable but may cause some damage to your drywall depending on the type of paint that was used prior to installation. Removable tiles may not adhere as long as you would like, we always recommend using the permanent tiles to avoid premature lifting, just be aware that like traditional wallpapers they may cause some damage to your drywall upon removal.
• Should I order the removable tiles or the permanent version? This is a very personal question and difficult to answer. It is a question that has plagued the peel and stick industry from conception. While removable peel and stick is almost always super easy to remove it can also not provide enough adhesion depending on the surface that it can lift prematurely. Permanent peel and stick can sometimes behave like traditional wallpapers and be more difficult to remove but should not lift prematurely. Removable tiles are often the best choice for renters for temporary spaces. Our best advice is that if you are intending for your look to last for a few years or more we recommend using the permanent wall tiles.
• What are the tiles made of? They are made from a 6mil semi rigid vinyl that meets ANSI Class A, NFPA Class A, and ICB Class 1 for flame spread and smoke density, and are tested under ASTM e-84, and are phthalate-free. .
• Do my walls need to be prepped for installation? YES! Newly painted walls should be given up to 30 days to gas-out prior to installation. Older painted walls should be dusted and cleaned with any mild cleaner prior to installation.
• Can I apply them to textured surfaces? YES and NO! Textured surfaces are not a good candidate for wallpaper tiles. Removable tiles will not adhere to texture. Permanent tiles will adhere to some textures. Textures that have more of a flat surface for adhesion. We strongly encourage purchasing samples to check the adhesion for a textured application.
• Can I apply them to furniture or anything other than walls? Absolutely! Provided that it is a smooth surface.
• Can I use these for a backsplash? Absolutely! Elle Walls wallpaper tiles offer a multitude of creative use possibilities.
• Are they washable? YES! They are durable and made from a specialized vinyl that can be cleaned with a mild household cleaner.
• Does it matter what kind of paint is on my walls? YES! While there is no specific guidelines for adhesion on different paints we know that paints with low voc’s impact the adhesion of all peel and stick products.
• Can the tiles overlap? Yes! They are so easy to apply, overlap on the top, bottom, sides, or wherever needed.
• Can I hang them both vertically and horizontally? Yes! Elle Walls wallpaper tiles allows you to be part of the design!

9 different textured woodgrain vinyl wallpaper planks

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