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MISTY BLUE- Giant Wall Art Decal

MISTY BLUE- Giant Wall Art Decal


MISTY BLUE - Easy to hang giant wall art decal! Massive abstract wall art mural, Peel and Stick, Removable. Why spend a fortune on fine art when you can get these oversized, roughly textured, heavy gauge 11mil vinyl decals for a fraction of the price of a stretched canvas piece. They are printed with a beveled shadowed edge as shown to appear as a 3D piece. They easily remove from their backing to be adhered to your smooth finished wall. Great way to create a gallery look in your own space. They can be removed from the wall with no damage, great for rental units. It's a whole lotta look for a lot less money!

These massive decals are design and decor game changers. You can change the whole look of your space without having to paint or hang wallpaper. It's so easy! Excellent for rental units! Change the look of your room every year for a very minimal price. Sizes up to 12 feet wide x almost 5 feet tall in one single piece!

Made directly in my studio with my own equipment to ensure highest quality assurance. Simply mark a top line where you wish to hang it with a pencil and a level and peel and stick, due to giant sizes you may need two people to hang them properly. Not recommended for textured walls. If you have texture on your walls, contact us and we can provide you with alternatives.

• Is the giant sized vinyl wall decal in one piece? Yes
• Can my giant sized wall decal be trimmed for a light switch? Yes, or anything else that may be on the wall that wish to adhere it to. Carefully cut with a pair of scissors or a razor knife
• Will they stick to textured walls? They are recommended for smooth clean walls. Some textures may work and some definitely will not. Please contact us prior to ordering for textured walls. We will ask you to send a picture of your texture.
• Can I hang this by myself? The smaller sizes you can, but the larger sizes will require two people to handle them.
• What do I need to hang these? You need a measuring tape and a level to pencil in a straight line at the top height of which you plan to hang it.
• Are they removable? Yes. Simple start at one corner and pull back flat against the wall for no damage to your existing paint.
• Can I reuse my decal? If your decal hangs for any length of time, chances are no. But keep the backing you peel your decal off of because if you wish to transport it or move it you should place it back on the backing.
• Could I use decorative thumbtacks or nail heads to embellish my decal and help it stick better to my textured walls? Yes, absolutely.
• How easy are they to hang? Super easy! Just like putting a big sticker on your wall.
• Are they 3 dimensional? They have the appearance of being 3 dimensional because they have a faux beveled edge which looks like they are raised from the wall. But they are actually flat on the wall.
• Are these abstract wall art decals exclusive to ELOISEWORLD and ELLEWALLS? Yes they are specialty prints of original artwork by top selling US artist ELOISExxx They are copy right protected.
• Are they cleanable and waterproof? Yes, they are UV printed which makes them cleanable with a soft rag and water.

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